Patient Testimonials

“Look forward to every visit with Paige. She listens attentively, confirms that she understood me, and then suggests a personalized treatment and modality, explaining the conceptual foundation in Chinese medicine. Highly recommended!” -C.M.

“Paige is such a wealth of knowledge and very attentive! I am new to Chinese medicine and she so patiently listens and then explains the reasoning behind why and what to do. It’s so informative and calming to hear about the connections in our body and what it is telling us. I’m just starting on my herb mix and looking forward to the results these upcoming weeks.” –

“My first visit with Paige was wonderful. She has an open, attentive, and caring disposition. She assessed my situation based on my intake questionnaire, proposed a treatment and explained why she thought it was appropriate, and answered my questions directly and succinctly. When it came to performing the acupuncture and cupping service, she was efficient and careful. With some acupuncturists, there can be pain with the needle application, but I felt none with Paige.”

“I sought out Paige originally for acufacial treatments which we did on my first visit, but after that visit we started to discuss other areas in my life that might need support during a transitional period which will cause additional stress. She suggested that we do treatments to help focus on stress management. I’m grateful for her guidance and that she was able to offer me a treatment plan that was more beneficial for my current wellness goals.”

“Paige was kind enough to set up home appointments for my Mother. Her emails leading up to the home visit were kind and considerate of my mother’s needs, along with being very easy to work with regarding appointment times and dates. When Paige arrived for the first appointment, my Mom and I were so pleased…Paige has a fabulous personality, kind and caring, and she was very attentive to my mother’s needs. Paige is truly interested in the care of her patients. Just Wonderful experience!!”

“It was my first time to try acupuncture treatment and It was a good experience. I have had pain in my knee, tendinitis in my right hand and shoulder. For the last 2 months I have taken pain reliever but with temporary relief. After the treatment I have had relief In the where I Was experiencing some pain. The swelling in my knee is down and can now walk without pain and discomfort. The treatment helped me , Thank you Dr. Paige”

“I couldn’t be more happy with my experience and my results with Paige! She was very warm and welcoming which made me feel at ease when I walked in since this was my first time having acupuncture. She was very professional and thorough as she performed her consultation before the treatment. I saw her for my low back pain and immediately felt relief. I highly recommend seeing her for any aches and pain you may have. She was excellent!”

“Paige is a wonderful practitioner of all elements of traditional Chinese medicine. I’ve had acupuncture, cupping, and moxibustion under her care to treat multiple issues. Paige is skilled at combining different modalities to holistically treat both symptoms and underlying causes. I’ve always felt heard and valued in her care and I appreciate her commitment to working with me to find the most effective treatments for my body. I highly recommend her!”

“I had a wonderful experience! Paige is amazing. I had a facial rejuvenation- my face feels great and I look more alive!”

“I recently started seeing Paige after a family friend referred me. She takes the time to understand what is going on and explains what every symptom ties to within our meridians. Her treatment has provided me with immediate relief. I recommend seeing Paige as she is one of the best acupuncturists I have been to in a while.”

“Paige always provides such therapeutic sessions for me. From start to finish she has a way of making you feel calm & really listens to you. I appreciate how engaged she is in our conversations and the feedback she provides. By the time you are done you feel so relaxed. I compare the feeling to after having had an amazing massage. Her work with you continues beyond just the office visit with what she sends you home to work on. I couldn’t see myself going to anyone else for acupuncture!”

“Paige was a pleasure to meet and made you feel very comfortable. Her knowledge and detailed explanation of everything made you feel comfortable and at ease. I will definitely continue to use her and would recommend her to friends and family.”

“So much of what makes any healing modality truly valuable is the practitioner. Paige Yang had a thorough knowledge of the craft of Chinese medicine and is able to explain and educate her clients in a very digestible way. Her presence is both soft and inviting, and clear and concise. I would highly recommend this practitioner to anyone seeking to experience the profound affect of Chinese medicine”

“I have very much enjoyed my acupuncture experience with Paige. She is warm and inviting, listens attentively and is extremely adept at treatments. She has provided relief from inflammatory pain and has recommended excellent therapies which I can do at home to mitigate problems. I am very happy that I took the plunge and decided to pursue acupuncture treatments, and especially that I found Paige, whom I highly recommend”

“Every detail of the treatment with Paige Yang was great. Her knowledge, technique, repoire with me as a patient, office location, and office environment were all extremely positive. From overall wellness treatment to focusing on specific health issues, P Yang skillfully addressed my issues. Have been to several other acupuncturists and would highly recommend P Yang to friends and family.”

“I had such a great experience with Paige! I have seen many acupuncturists/practitioners in my time, and my first appointment with Paige was one of my best ever. In the past, I felt that some practitioners — even holistic ones — got too caught up in individual symptoms. Paige took the time to really listen and understand my case as a whole. I came away relaxed, with a better understanding of myself, and with a “homework” plan. She is knowledgeable, kind, and soul-healing! I will be back soon!”

“I recently had a cupping session with Paige and had a wonderful experience. She was thorough in going over my medical history, attentive throughout the session to make sure I was comfortable, and more knowledgeable and effective in her treatment than other practitioners I’d seen in the past. I felt great afterwards and will definitely be back!”

“I went to Paige to help with my tired eyes and wrinkles. She explained to me that my skin needs more energy and attention. I left with helpful suggestions on ways to be more mindful and different foods to help with skin elasticity. I had the facial rejuvenation for the first time and I will be back! I left with glowing skin and visibly less lines, way better and more relaxing than fillers!”

“I broke a bone in my foot and the swelling and discomfort was very uncomfortable. Paige treated me and the swelling and pressure and discomfort eased noticeably and visibly. I also had chronic migraines and after 2 treatments I have not had one since. She is an outstanding listener and asks questions that are pertinent to my ailments. Highly recommend.”

“Paige is attentive, smart, problem solving and caring. She takes the time to get to know her patients and really selects the best possible treatments for them.”